Export results in mushy, pixelated video

Hello. So today I've recorded a small bit from a video game, it includes moving fast around a forest environment and when exporting it, it results in the surroundings being kind of ''mushed'' , you can't make out the details like characters from further away, which is possible in the original recording, it's just the export that suffers this. I've tried changing bit rates, the level, anything that I thought would help but nothing, it seems the video is compressed in the process of exporting and that is why it looks like it, but I'm not sure. 
Any ideas for a fix? 


  • Alright, I've sorta fixed it by ramping up the bitrate to 40k, now I'm trying to export a 50k one to see the results. But if you have any other solutions I am still very much interested.

  • Oh yeah! 50 really does it, although with longer videos it would be a problem since it more than doubled the size.

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