Character introduction with projection and particle FX.

This was an excellent learning opportunity to create the room using a 2D image and the projector effect with a 3D camera.  Big thanks to the FXHOME Tutorials for guidance.
Particle FX and Lighting were also used for the foggy atmosphere.


  • @jdmcghinnis ; I think it looks pretty good.  Definitely have that smokey vibe down.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Agreed. Nice subtle camera move. The cast shadow on the back wall when the actress raises her (screen) right hand really sells the space. 

  • thanks all.. yeah, Casting the shadows on the back was a last minute add.  I'm loving the ability to work in a 3d space.  Projection FX has opened a lot of doors...especially since I'm not experienced with 3d modeling.

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