Ignite Pro is STILL watermarking effects in Final Cut Pro!

I've followed every bit of advice I can find online.  I have checked OS and hardware requirements (OS 10.14.5; 3.33 GHz 6-core Intel Xeon, 12 GB RAM, AMD Radeon HD 7950 3 GB Graphx card).  I have deactivated Ignite, uninstalled and reinstalled and re-activated twice and I still have watermarks on most Hitfilm effects.  Please, for the love of God, any advice?


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    The watermark is on most HitFilm effects, not all HitFilm effects? That suggests you have multiple versions of the Ignite plugins installed, or multiple Ignite products. Otherwise the activation would affect all of the plugins. I would recommend completely uninstalling all Ignite products from your system, then re-installing only the latest version of Ignite Pro, and activating.

  • Thanks for your reply!

    I've been using your products for a long time, so there is a lot of detritus.  I have Action Pro, Hitfilm Pro, and Ignite Pro located in both my User library/Application support/FX Home and in my root library/Application support/FX Home.  In the root folder/FX Home folder I have a Hit Film Pro folder and an Ignite Pro folder.  In the User /FXHome folder I have  Action Pro, HitFilm Pro, and "web-helper" folders.  In addition to the FX Home folder, there is a Hit Film Plugins, a HitFilm Pro Activation, and an Ignite Pro Activation folder. I am unsure as to the correct hierarchy/location of any of these files.  For now, are you suggesting I find anything associated with Ingite and trash it?  I have already trashed earlier HitFilm versions 3,4 and 2017.

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    I would recommend using the Uninstall option found  in the installer for every plugin product you have installed in the past, to remove them. This would include HitFilm Plugins, in addition to any Ignite products. Using the uninstaller ensures that all the relevant files are removed, from all locations on your system.

    Any time you install an update to Ignite, it is best to completely uninstall the previous version first. This helps prevent any conflicts between versions.

  • Thanks again, Axel, for the quick reply.  

    Problem is, I have used the deactivate/uninstall option in ignite (several times) to no avail.  HFP does not supply that option and a search of all available help docs does not even turn up one article for "uninstall." I have painstakingly done a Spotlight search for any and all things FX, Ignite, and HF, including those in the hidden user/library and private/var/db/receipts files and removed the files to trash, restarted my machine --all to no avail.  The Ignite uninstaller does indeed remove HF plugins from FCP/templates/effects, however when I reinstall Ignite --same watermarks!  Someone on your end must know what file or bit of code enables the watermarks.  I suspect it may reside in some file created during trial use, but where??

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    I had problems with this back in 2017 - Let me see if I can help?

    There are so many places the Mac stores files so beware of that..

    Using the search term HitFilmIgnite in the finder shows these results. Keep in mind I had AE installed at one time. I won't' list all Adobe reference though as not to confuse you.

    Search and destroy all that is left after using the uninstall option of the Ignite installer

    1  named HitfilmIgnite:

    Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/Plug-ins/7.0/MediaCore/HitfilmIgnite
    Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/Plug-ins/CS6/MediaCore/HitfilmIgnite

    1 named HitfilmIgnite.fxplug


    Terminal Document


    Plain Text files

    Library/Application Support//FxHome/Hitfilm Pro/ofxPluginCache/HitfilmIgnite.ofx.bundle.txt

    License Document

    Library/Application Support/FxHome/Hitfilm Ignite/Hitfilm Ignite.license



    I had to do a search and destroy several times when I had the problem but finally got the problem nixed. Uninstall all. Delete Trash. Reboot. Go to FXHome page and deactivate Ignite. Reboot. Download and install Ignite. Activate.

    Hopefully that squares you up.

    For reference : Catalina - FCPX ver.10.4.7 - Ignite 2017. To get Ignite to work without watermark with current version of FCPX I had to deactivate via the Ignite Splash as well as at the user page at FXHome then had to reactivate both

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    Okay, so I followed this fellow's advice:

    And now, the hit film effects all show watermarks on their preview thumbnails, but the watermarks disappear when they are inserted in the storyline!  WTF?????

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    Well - thats strange. Sorry for that. I believe that Catalina (just recently out of beta actually) has really not been tested thoroughly yet with FXHome products. Few quirks

    For the record:

    I show watermarks (dual light pinkish up-arrows across thumbnail) for

    Crush Blacks and Whites
    Custom Gray

    I checked - All of these suspect effects do not leave a watermark on render

    Light Streaks is broken. (preview has exclamation mark on red background)

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    Hmmm.  Well, I'm still running Mojave 10.14.5 on this machine and I don't plan on updating the OS as I have a number of older programs that are incompatible with Catalina.  The Hit Film effects with watermarks include all of the 360 video, blurs, color correction (auto color only), all of color grading, all of generate (with letterbox down to timecode okay), all of gradients and fills, grunge (only dot-matrix is watermarked), keying (only chroma key is watermarked), keying mat (only alpha bright thru alpha invert affected), lights and flares (only anamorphic lens affected), particles (only atomic affected), stylize (only cartoon, emboss and find edges), temporal (only speed), video cleanup (only clone), warp (only action cam thru prospective warp).

    The categories channel, distort, and scene are clean.  As I mentioned, even though these watermarks appear on the thumbnails, they are not present on render or in the timeline. 

  • Well, I'm now running FCP on a Mac Pro 7,1 (2019), Catalina OS and I have the same damned problem as before. I'm going to try another cleaning and see what happens.  If anyone has had this problem and resolved it, please let me know!

  • You will definitely need to deactivate your software, then reactivate after upgrading to Catalina.

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