Why can't I import media?

Every time I attempt to import media i doesn't let me and says "load error" I'm a bit confused tbh

I use mp4 btw


  • @Spencer_4E ; There are many other settings all in a MP4 format.   So the gurus will want to know more info about your media.  They recommend a program called MediaInfo and having it generate a text report which you can copy and paste here to give them more to work with.  It's free and easy to use and the link above should take you to the main page.

    Here's a good tutorial on it:


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @tddavis is correct. But let me expand a bit. The "file type" for video is a CONTAINER. The actual encoding/decoding method for video is called a CODEC. Camera makers decided to use a codec called h.265 in "Mp4" container files - and h.265 is NOT mp4. 

    Here's my guess - when you run a MediaInfo report on your files, you'll find h.265 in your "mp4" file. Hitfilm doesn't support h.265, so you'll have to use a program to convert the h.265 to h.264 (h.264 is the "true" mp4 codec).

    This video goes into more detail on containers, codecs, which codecs are better for editing (and why), and (what you'll need) several different programs to "transcode" from h.265 to other formats. 


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