[SOLVED] Ignite not working in Resolve 16

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I have Ignite, which used to work till Resolve 15.3. After updating Resolve to V16, watermarks are appearing. 

Any fix? 


  • @filmwallah I see that you are on Mac. Can you confirm whether you are on Catalina? If this is the case, then deactivating and reactivating Ignite should helpfully fix your issue.

  • I was on Sierra, just updated to High Sierra. Will try the method you suggested and report back. Thanks. 

  • @filmwallah unfortunately 16 only recently released and we have yet to add official support for it, I will raise this with others on the team, however I am unsure on what could fix your issue if the reactivation does not work.

  • It works. All I had to do was to deactivate>uninstall>download the software again>install>activate. 

    Thank you for your suggestion.  

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