Paralysis | Sleep Paralysis Horror Short Film

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Hi all,

This is a short film I made using Hitfilm pro. I would love to hear all of your feedback on it. 


  • @ZacharyY ; Very interesting.  The build of the music really amped up the tension for me, and the lighting was well done.

  • edited October 2019

    I agree with the music creating tensions and the lighting. I liked the tight framing of some of the shots as well.
    I might have used the door knob rattling a little more sparingly and, perhaps, make it quieter. The same with the footsteps. Might be a personal thing but I find occasional, half-heard noises creepier than louder ones.

    Maybe a single tear falls down her face right at the end as she realises how helpless she is?

  • Overall, nice job.  Solid music and visuals.  I do prefer less camera movement, but that is more of a personal choice.  

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