HELP! All of my clip sections resize, not only some.

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I use this software very rarely nowadays because I've stopped work - but when I do, I find I have difficulty remembering some basic stuff, which can happen as you get older. So excuse the stupidity of this question.

I have one long take of me speaking to camera, in 4K, explaining stuff. I want to break it into smaller sections, and then perform actions on some sections but not others. 

So I've marked  a first in and out point in the trimmer, and dragged it onto the timeline. This is the first section. Then I marked another in and out point in the trimmer, and dragged that onto the timeline. This is the second section. So far, so good.

Here's my problem. I want to zoom in on the second section, so as to create a close-up shot. I use the mouse to control the framing, and get exactly what I want.  I can do that fine, because my original is in 4K - but my actions on the second section in the timeline also affect the first section, which is now in close up rather than the medium shot I started with. I must be doing something stupid - but what?

As always, grateful for help.


Hitfilm pro 5.0.0569 update 9 on Mac OS/X Mojave with 32GB ram


  • @ginestre

     I’m guessing you’re doing one of 2 things.

    1. You’ve accidentally selected both shots at once, making both clips take the same adjustments. To fix this, unselect the first clip and only select the second.

    2. You’re zooming in on the Viewer instead of scaling up the actual video. If this is the case, select the clip you want to scale and open the controls tab. Find the Scale and adjust the size. You can also change the position with that option

  • @ginestre I think @triforcefx's second point might be correct. There should be a percentage value in the bottom right of your viewer, which is your zoom, and does not affect the playback/render.

  • Thanks to both. Yes, it was the second point which @triforcefx listed.


    As always, grateful for your help.

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