Fête of the X Men

Not 100% pleased with this except recovering it from a point where it was nearly scrapped.
The filming was complex as the figures are different scales so all had to be animated and filmed separately.
After a break in animating I started again but with one of the lights in it's 'low' setting which messed up a lot of the chroma keying. It's also a little flat during the middle. Perhaps needed an extra joke or two.

I should also have created a 3D scene from the images so I could move the virtual camera in edit. Unfortunately, I realised too late and was building each scene from scratch which was.... tiring.
I mentioned in my 'Delay' video that this was also practice for a future video. I can't say it worked *but* I definitely learnt what *not* to do 


  • @DafterThings I love it! 😂 🤣😂 🤣

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    @DafterThings ; Cute as always, and always amazed at the dedication in time to stop animate.   Like I posted on Youtube, I love the play on words with the title!

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    Thanks both. 

    As for the title it's great when something just lands in your lap. It was the same with the 'Delay' video.
    On the other hand I am wracking my brains trying to think of an original Halloween story. 
    Answer.... give it a miss this year 

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