Startup screen is blank

Since I upgraded Hitfilm Pro to v13, the startup screen is usually blank. Not always, but usually. I was hoping that v13.1 would fix it, but no such luck.

The startup screen used to be full of Hitfilm news, tips, examples, things like that. Now it's just a blank gray screen with a lighter gray FXHOME logo on it.

Other than that, Hitfilm seems to be working normally. Anyone know what's going on and how to fix it?


  • Maybe it's a blessing in disguise, she's Hitfilm load quicker?

  • @LU7jVs8 ; Just a thought, but the times that it doesn't show the splash screen is your computer internet connection active?  The info for the screen dials home on start up and as far as I know after the initial activation it is the only reason Hitfilm does so.  But I may be totally off base there.

  • Thanks, but nope. Internet connection is fine (and fast).

    The problem still occurs with v14.

  • @LU7jVs8 is the entire screen white, or can you see the top menu bar?

  • The menu bar appears, and the app seems to work normally. It's just that the startup screen content is missing. I will attach a screen shot.

    FYI, this is Hitfilm Pro 14.0.9520.40066, running on Windows 10 Pro 1909, build 18363.476. Processor is Core i9-9900K. Graphics card is ASUS nVidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti. 32 GB RAM.


  • @LU7jVs8 sounds like you're having connection issues retrieving the web content. We've had this issue before but been unable to get enough information to solve the issue. If you could send us a support ticket that would be extremely helpful, thanks.

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