Hitfilm keeps freezing

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I've been using HitFilm since april, but my computer broke in september. I am using another one now. On my old computer, everything was working fine, fluid and all. On the one I use now as a replacement, I can't even move something without having to wait like 1 minute before it moves. I am using the latest hitfilm version. It's probably my replacement computer having the big stupid

computer specs:

CPU: Intel Core -3540M with only 2 cores and a 3 GHz clock

GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4000 with 1792 Mo of VRAM

RAM: 8 Go


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    The machine you're currently on is officially below minimum specs to run Hitfilm. Unfortunately, that means it's going to run slowly, if at all. 

  • oh ok i was thinking it was the software himself

    i really need to get a new pc now lol

  • @Rerun, it’s worth noting that version 11 will probably work just fine, as the specs got a bump that specifically ended support for your GPU with version 12. That would at least ease things while you wait to upgrade. 

    Remember to pay attention to the spec sheet when it’s time to upgrade. It’s best to buy new. Generally speaking, $300+ will get you the bare minimum, $600 is a decent budget option, $900 is pretty good, $1200+ will get you a real beast of a system. Feel free to let us know your budget and what you’re considering to get, and we’ll help you make a good choice

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