[SOLVED] Fisheye correction ?

How can I fix the images I shoot with gopro (fisheye correction) ? 

Thank you..


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    in videos and pictures. 

    Thank you..

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    The Action Cam Lens Distort effect is specifically for working with distorted footage from GoPros or other action cameras.

  • @mehmett35

    Use the “Action Cam Lens Distort” effect. It should have presets specifically for GoPro, and the ability to fine-tune it if you want.

     Of note, this effect can be used to both correct fish eye and create fish eye distortion.

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    Thank you.

    I've already selected it, but it doesn't fix it.

    (I wanted to fix the video I shot with GoPro, but it didn't)

  • @mehmett

    Your viewer may not be configured to show effects at all times. At the bottom right of the viewer, you will see a button that says either 1/2, 1/4, or Full. In the Paused and Playback Quality settings, switch to final or antialiased. 
    Note that playback may run slower with effects applied

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    Unfortunately .. I did everything you said but the fish eye correction does not work! I think there's a software problem.

    this is my system : Macbook Air 2017/intel core i5 / 8gb ram / MacOs10.15 Catalina

  • @mehmett35 your system is in spec, although Catalina is very new so we do not have a released version that has been tested on this operating system. Can you explain in more detail what the issue is? Does the fisheye correction do nothing at all?

  • Thank you for your interest. fisheye correction does not work in any way.

  • @mehmett35 Are you definitely using the Action Cam Lens Distort effect? I've just used it on my end and it works perfectly.

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    Can you explain how? 

    Edit : ahsoo.. sorry, I have just done.  

    Effects-warp-Action Cam lens distort and Control - effects - Action Cam Lens distort - GoPro wide ..  and ok. 

    Sorry und Thank you... works great

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