Nothing happening while clicking on Export!

Nothing happening while  I am clicking on Export in-out area or contents! What will be the reason?


  • To export, once you have selected the Export in out or the Contents option you can then go the Export screen Via ....View > Export or the shortcut Ctrl + 3.

    From there you can then start the export process.

    Normally when you click on the Export in out or the Contents you get a dialogue box that pops up and asks you if you want to go to the export screen or start editing, but if you have told that to remember your selection you will no longer see that.

    You can default it to go to the export screen automatically once clicking the export tab.

    If you could go to File > Options > Prompts and warnings > Select Prompt me when adding tasks to the export queue.

    Then if you click on the export option at the top right of your editor panel and then select Remember my choice and then go to export it will then automatically go to export this and every time for you.

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