[SOLVED] Bitrate Error whole exporting

I have a short film with a soundtrack I recorded separately and linked to the movie. I saved the soundtrack as an mp3 at Standard 170-210 bitrate. When I try to export, an Error comes up saying the bitrate is too high (320 bps). Any ideas why this is happening? I've done it many times before but never had this problem and I've checked that the bitrate is 210.

Thanks in advance.


  • "Export the whole movie" that should be, not export the mp3 as it might suggest. 

  • It does not matter what your source media is with respect to export. Export is rendering it's own thing independent of whatever the source is. So the bitrate of your source MP3 does not mean anything for the error you are receiving.

    "When I try to export"

    Export exactly what? What preset?

    Just guessing but you are probably using something like the Youtube or Vimeo export presets. These are exporting AVC/H.264 video and AAC audio. Those presets have a default 320Kbps audio bitrate.

    AAC audio has limitations on the maximum audio bitrate and that depends on the audio sample frequency. number of audio channels. 48Khz is a/the common audio sample rate. 48Khz can support a 320Kbps bitrate.

    What is your audio sample rate for the project?

    Again, it does not matter what the source media sample rate is. The project setting is what matters. A project can have many media files and each can be different in specs.

    Your sample rate is probably lower than 48Khz. 

  • Thanks Norman. Yeah, I was using the YouTube presets as I always do. I was trying to export the contents of the move, one video file and one audio file, no other media. Audio sample rate is 24khz.

    I'll change the settings and see how we get on.

    Much appreciated.

  •  Solved. I changed the sample rate to 48khz, reloaded the media, done the editing again, and the exported the movie using the same YouTube settings, but this time it worked fine. So the only change was to set the sample rate at 48000hz (as it comes up in the drop down box).

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    24Khz stereo has a 288,000 max bitrate.

    max = (6144 / 1024) * SR * channels. SR => sample rate.

    24K stereo = (6144/1024) * 24000 * 2

    You should have needed to re-edit. Just changing the project audio sample rate should have sufficed. Or just lower the output/export bitrate for your export preset, which is probably the easier thing. If you want your result to have something of a "standard" audio sample rate for video then 48K is the way to go.

    @CedricBonnier Should the Hitfilm export preset simply drop down to the max supported bitrate in this "error" condition. Seems simpler. End users are never going to be able to deal with "what is the max supported bitrate".  Only trial and error would work for them. PITA. Hell, even a total tech spec nerd like me has to Google to get the formula. Something to think about.

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