[SOLVED] Can't activate HFExpress for Export

I've had HitFilm Express for a couple of years and had no problems exporting.

I recently upgraded my OS X from El Capitan to High Sierra and then back again to El Capitan, as Hi Sierra was mucking with Pro Tools.

Just now I did a quick project where all I needed to do was make an .mp4  consisting of an Audio track from ProTools and an existing .mp4 video.

All sweet in the Editor etc, but when I go to Export it's telling me HFExp is in Demo mode and needs activation..."click on this". The link opens the box online to Activate but it says "Deactivate" therefor assuming it is already activated.

Tried 2 times, then uninstalled, went to my Account and re-downloaded and reinstalled and still when I try to Export the same thing happens. ie: Nothing Happens. I thought it may have been due to my OS X changes but obviously not.


HELP Please...I need to get this project done in the next couple of hours and posted to an online site asap...

Thanks in advance All help appreciated...


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