Batman on the roof top (Image)

So I discovered this great little tool by BrickLink called ( that allows you to not only build lego models and price them up, oh and print the manual for your creation but it has a render engine. So I rendered out a Batman I made. Then I took him into Hitfilm, put a background in, added some grade for mood, then applied the Rain effect. Pretty happy with 20mins work. New desktop image.


  • No feedback.... man I didn't think it that bad.

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    Sorry @Andy001z ;

    I love Batman but have my head down trying to finish a video off.

    I love the background and rain. Batman looks good but a little lost at the bottom  there. If it's possible what would he look like scaled up?


  • @Dafterthings Thanks, I know I've been busy too. He should scale up, to be honest I rendered out him on a lego stand that I didn't want in the shot. The background is a Gotham artwork that I added put a grade over to make it way less detailed and blurred into the background. The rain is the Rain effect, nothing changed.

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