Imported file have negative time length

After the update, some of the footage I had imported in my projet now have negative duration, such as 00:00:-1:3028, it can't be played in the Trimmer : "The video frame cannot be displayed"

Re-importing these files don't change a thing apparently. I know they worked, I even exported using them multiple times, but reloading after the update made them do this.

Someone knows how to fix this ? I really need it soon as I'll interview a new author and wanted to make it a video ^^'


  • After what update? What was updated, and what specific version was present before update, and what specific version was it updated to?

    If you roll back to the previous version, does the problem go away?

  • I changed to the version 13.1.9319.49035 of Hitfilm Express 13 of 30 sept, from probably the version 12.3 of 17 april.
    If I go back to the previous version, I can't start the newer projet, but if I make a new project I can use my files normally, just like in the 13.1 version if not on the specific project I want to continue

  • Thank you for those additional details. Can you please contact support, and send us one of the files that is exhibiting this problem?

    Then we can look more closely at what is causing the issue, and hopefully correct it.

  •  Done it, it is available at, don't know if you needed the link but that way I'm sure. Thank you for your help so far

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