How to fit Text to a Path ?

Can anyone show me or point me to a video on how to fit text to a path such as to a circle? 



    This is an older tutorial, but if you search YouTube for "Hitfilm text curve" or "Hitfilm text circle" you will find several more that might be helpful.

  • In general native Hitfilm text does not have text on a path. As shown there are ways to bend to a circle.

    For general text on a path, you use the Boris Title Studio effect. For Express Boris is an add-on.

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    @NormanPCN .. thank you so much ...  I saw the Video 2013,,, in DataDesign above too awesome ...  you made my day !!! 

    I will be asking for more such as what's the difference between in-out and Contents when  exporting videos.

    Thanks again... 

  • @ChuppyPro ; I think I answer the in-out and contents question if you don't mind a a bit of kibbutzing on my part.

    The IN point refers to the place you'd like to pick up rendering/exporting a clip (either on the Editor timeline or in a composite shot) or to drop into the action so to speak and of course the OUT is the opposite.  CONTENTS mens that you want to export the entire timeline or composite shot and it will do everything there...except for layers that are hidden under other layers. Hope that helps you a little. 

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