[SOLVED] Keyframes for tracking reposition after save and exit


I create a track in composition for my video and apply it to my point. But after I reload the Hitfilm client, all the keyframes for this track bunch up and my play head isn't in line with them anymore. I think it might have something to do with the FPS of the video clip and the project settings but I'm honestly not sure.



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     This is probably one for Support, but it would help to know your:

    Project settings

    A MediaInfo report on the video files

     System specs (OS, CPU, GPU, RAM, and manufacturer)

     HitFilm version

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    Ok, so I solved the problem. When I retrieved the MediaInfo Report, my clips were 30fps and not 48fps which is what I set it to on my OBS. Apparently, if you trim a video using windows default video editor app (I used for storage purposes), the clip you saved would reduce to 30fps without your knowledge. I went back to my Hitfilm and changed my project settings from 48fps to 30fps and restarted the program, and the keyframes had fixed themselves.

    Thanks for the help @triforcefx

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