Weird Interface Glitch! Black bar above interface.

Hi all, I hope you can help me.

I have HITFILM EXPRESS and have a rather strange interface issue...

So basically what is happening is the interface is loading up with the image shifted down and right but all the click boxes are in the same place, my display setting on the pc and the software are set to 100% and I have the GPI sizing off, ive tried un installing and re installing but to no joy, I even closed my previous account and opened this one and re activated it hoping it was an issue with the download itself.

any advice would be hugely appreciated! 

many thanks, jack


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    That is almost always caused by specific integrated Intel graphics processors which are below spec. Which graphics processor does your system have?

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    Hi Axel, yes that's the one! but my click boxes are all in the normal place but the image has shifted down a fair way and to the right slightly leaving a black bar up top and down the left side. My processor is a  Pentium quadcore N3700 2.4GHz its not amazing but it never used to do this only been the last few days 

    im not tech savvy so excuse me if that is the wrong processor 


  • @Jackzxr400

    Your processor is under spec, so I imagine your graphics are as well. If a previous version of HitFilm worked fine, stick to that. It’s unlikely you’d be able to upgrade further.  Even if the same exact version of HitFilm used to work, compatibility with your hardware is not assured. Most likely, something was updated which broke compatibility. HitFilm 11 is your best chance, but it’s possible it won’t work. Your only true option is to get a new computer that’s within spec. Sorry there isn’t better news

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