Expected outcome - Masks and planes

So I am making a pop up on screen display. I have built a comp that has my BLACK plane masked with Motion Path added + glows. This gives my look for the frame. Then I thought I would like the screen to have some colour inside the frame, so I put another plane below the frame one and made this the colour I wanted. Sure enough the inside of my mask/screen is now that colour, all as expected. The question is this, when I then take this comp and nest it into my main comp, the new colour background is bleeding out onto all shots if the mask is not active and yet in the nested comp with this effect it shows me only the top plane (BLACK). I solved the issue by copying the mask to the coloured layer and it all works, but It just didn't seem right?

Anyone share any thoughts, it works now so not too worried.


  • @Andy001z could you provide a picture showing what you mean? I'm unsure what you mean by bleeding out; is it overflowing over the edges?

  •  @TheBenNorris Sorry Ben I tried reproducing this in a new test project but I can't get it to do what I originally found, and the problem is that original project has moved on and I can't remember which bit this issue was linked too. So, I'll let you know if I a) find it or b) it shows up again.


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