Error in Exporting using Hitfilm Express13

Hello Guys i already sent a ticket about this issue .
But can anyone know how to fix this 2 Error while i'm trying exporting 
ScreenShot of Error Click ME!
-Error 29 
-Process Finished Unexpectedly


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     @ComeGetPsalm ; Waiting for support may be the best option for this kind of issue, but I will say I have read a number of export error posts recently that may be caused because the location of the export is a folder without permission to write to.  If you haven't or aren't already exporting to say your desktop which by default you should have permission for, you might give a shot to changing your export location in the queue and see if that helps while you wait.

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    @ComeGetPsalm @tddavis the "cannot start h264 encoder" error suggests this is a different problem related to the encoder as opposed to the location.

    I recommend trying to change what format you are exporting to. Also waiting for a response from support would be best.

    Seems I was wrong. Thankfully the export errors are being heavily improved currently, as this does indeed have something to do with location and disk stuff as opposed to encoder stuff. I recommend you try to change your default snapshot directory in the options.


    I recently started editing in Hitfilm express and for some reason whenever I try and export the video, it just shows me an error saying that the process finished unexpectedly.
    I went back to the timeline and changed a few of my setting but they don't seem to work either.

    Can anyone please tell me what i'm doing wrong and how i can fix this as soon as possible

  • @PratinavR7 unfortunately that error could mean almost anything. What are the specifications of your machine, and are your drivers up to date?

  • will we get an update for this bug fix ? its really annoying to not beeing able to export the edited videos.

  • We are currently working on an array of improvements to fix this issue, and will hopefully deliver it in the future. In the mean time there may be a workaround for issues you are having if you raise a ticket or forum post.

  •  so .. anything new on it ? because already 2 months passed since it doesnt work for me :/

  • @boi09 have you attempted to contact support? You've not really provided much information on your own personal issue which would help in being able to solve your problem. It's also been under a month since you first posted.

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     i have the same issue as come getpsalm thats why sorry for the lack of information at first

  • @boi09 I need you to provide your machine specs, along with the details of what you were exporting so we can diagnose what is causing this issue.

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    my processor : intel core i7-4770 CPU with 16GB RAM

    graphics card : Nvidia GeForce GTX 760

    I was trying to export a about 2 minute long video and then i got the same error (error 29 and process finished unexpectedly) i also tried to export other videos (1 to 6 minute long videos) but i got the same error again .

    sorry again for the lack of information from my side at first


  •  @boi09 Please can you check that your graphics card driver is up to date, it will be this one here to update it.

    Then in Hitfilm can you go to File > Options > Export and click restore 'Export' default, then clear the export queue and re-attempt your export. It is important that you clear the export queue.

    If it still fails after that, what happens if you set the In point to the start and out at approx 50% the way through the timeline then export.

    What happens if you set the In point to approx 50% of the way through the project then the out point at end of timeline then hit export


  •  Thank you very much it worked ! :D

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