Error during installation of Hitfilm Express

Hi !

I tried to update the program to the latest version, downloaded it, and started the setup.

It removed the previous version, but in any type of installation (typical, custom, or all) I get an error message:

The name of the msi file is changing every time.

Anybody have an idea what is the problem?

The link to the message:


  • @chaosmonger - It seems like the installer is corrupted or hasn't fully downloaded, can you re-download the installer & try again please?

  •  I downloaded it twice, but there is the same error :(

    I checked:

    I have enough space

    I tried to install it different to a drive not the C:

    Not helped

    I have no such directoty (C:\windows\installer) - maybe it is temporary during installation?

    The system is an up-to-date win10

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    @chaosmonger ;

    Is there any way you can download the file on a different network (perhaps a library or a friend’s house)? It seems like for whatever reason, the installer is not downloading properly on your current network.

    The only other possibility is that your Windows install is corrupted, in which case you may have to do a clean install of Windows.

    (I’m gonna download it myself in a few minutes to make sure it’s nothing on FXHome’s end) 

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    One more thing, and it may seem like a dumb question but, are you sure you’re downloading it from this site?

     Additionally, some public, school, or work networks may mess up the download for various reasons so if that’s the case, try another network.

     An additional possibility- you may have a virus or other malicious software- definitely run a scan and maybe even a “second opinion” scan with a different app (I personally recommend Malwarebytes)

  • Thank you for the tips, I solved the problem, but I am not completly happy, because I'm sure the there is some problem with my windows. (Malwarebytes didn't find anything) 

    First I tried to install Hitfilm to an another computer of mine - it worked perfectly. The only difference between 2 computers, that on the 2nd Hitfilm was never installed before.

    I tried to remove the Hitfilm related lines from the registry in the main computer. Not helped. Then I noticed some difference between the install of the 2 computer, so I tried one more time, but now I didn't choose to download the msi file from the website in the browser, but pushed the 'open' button immidiately.  And that way the install was succesfull.


    The difference what I noticed was, that on the 2nd computer, at the beginning of the installation, in the confirmation message of Windows was in blue frame, and was something like this: 'Do you want to allow Hitfilm makes modifications on your system?'. On the main computer in the error case, it was yellow frame, and in the question there was no 'Hitfilm' but the msi file name with full path.

    And in the last, succesfull case in the question there was 'Hitfilm' on the problematic computer too.

    I don't know if it means anything, just wrote it so detailed, maybe for somebody it will be useful...

  • Sounds like you may need to do a Fresh Start on your first computer to clean up the issues.

  • Thanks all for your responses. i was having similar questions and your answers were helpful to me.

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