Hitfilm Express 13 Will Not Export Video

I recently updated to Express 13 and was able to edit a video smoothly, but when I went to export it, it kept saying "process finished unexpectedly". I exported the video exactly like I would for the older version of Express, and also tried changing some of the settings for exporting, but maybe I'm missing something? I already made a folder for the snapshot directory and that did not work. 

I would really appreciate some help! Thank you!!


  • @GloryC the export is currently something that is being improved, especially with regards to these messages. For now, what are your current specs, what is the footage you're trying to export (file type etc) and are your drivers up to date?

  • i have the same problem. i edit a .mov file.

    those kind of drivers a must upgrade?

    thk for your answer.

    Alessandro Italia

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    @TheBenNorris Glad that the export is being improved! 

    I'm trying to export an hfp file as a mp4 with the YouTube 1080p HD presets. I don't know if my drivers are up to date, but I downloaded Hitfilm Express around a year ago. That's something I will look into.


    These are my system specs. (I'm not super computer savvy so hopefully this is what you need)

    Processor: AMD A6-4400M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics 2.70 GHz

    Installed memory (RAM): 4.00 GB (3.47 GB usable)

    System type: 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @GloryC I hope Ben Norris will tell you I'm wrong, but your system is marginal spec for any version of Hitfilm, and (I think) under spec for versions of Hitfilm 12+ (when the specs raised again). Currently, min specs seem to ben processors from 2014 and more recent. Yours is from 2012

    You might need to revert to Hitfilm 11 - and Hitfilm 11 can't open any projects made in HF 12 or 13.

    Good luck. As I said, I really hope Ben tells you I'm wrong. 

  • @GloryC @Triem23 I believe you are correct, and these seem to be under spec for HitFilm, thus we do not officially provide support. If you would like to see the full minimum specs for the product, please go here.

  • @TheBenNorris

    AMD’s naming conventions don’t help (though it appears the Ryzen and older FX series processors are competing directly with Intel Core processors), but it might be helpful to at least say on the minimum spec sheet something along the lines of “most AMD FX and Ryzen processors made after 2014”

  • @triforcefx, i do agree, it's extremely difficult to directly compare old AMD and Intel, at least intel has a clear naming convention for the most part. I will forward this on to those relevant.

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