I just discovered the existence of these things yesterday and would like to know if they are worth purchasing. Additionally, how would I determine which one is right for my laptop if they are worth purchasing?


  • It's worth noting there are currently known issues with eGPUs.

  • They CAN work, but they're not perfect. And a lot of the decision about which one to go with depends on what kind of laptop you have.

    It is, for example, unwise to use an AMD eGPU with an internal nVidia GPU, for example.

    If your laptop is a ultrabook with a 15-watt quad core CPU, then you'd get no more benefit from, say, a 2080Ti instead of a 2060 (the CPU wouldn't be able to feed it enough), for example.

    And if your laptop is a mac, you'll be limited to Radeon GPUs so you have fewer options.


  • Thank you for your help. Since there are currently known issues with eGPUs, I’ll hold off on purchasing one for now. 

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