Mask problem with oversized Plane

I'm adding neon effects using planes to a composite. The composite is 1920x1080, and if I add a plane of the same size, everything is fine. You can see the mask handles here around the neon border...

But if I have a Plane that is greater than the composite size (1920 x 1600), then the mask handles and the mask itself do not line up...

My plane needs to be greater than the composite size because the shot pans down, and so the neon border has to cover > 1080 pixels.

Can anyone advise me what I'm doing wrong? It's kind of working, but I am concerned that future edits will be a problem.


  • Which specific version of HitFilm are you running? Was the plane created at 1920x1600, or did you create it smaller and then change its resolution in the Properties? Has the scale of the plane been changed at all?

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    Hi Axel,

    I am using Professional, latest version.

    I have tried to reproduce this based on your questions, trying to create then resize the plane, create it at the right dimensions first time, parenting to a point layer, leaving it unparented, clicking on and off the mask etc etc. I can't reproduce the problem, which is both good but at the same time frustrating!

    As you can see from the screenshot I had an issue, any insights into what I might have done would be appreciated.


  • I can't replicate the issue at all, nor have we had any other users reporting it. So I'm not sure what might have caused it in that instance. If it ever happens again, please do let us know.

  • Hi Axel,

    I've been creating more masks in my current project, without seeing the problem again. It looks like I hit a glitch in the space time continuum, but all is well now.

    Just one comment for anyone else coming across this thread. I could repeat the problem at the time it happened, it happened at least three times. Restarting Hitfilm may have reset the problem, it is the only activity I can think of that has made the problem disappear.

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