Clone Stamp Effect Removes Shadows

I am working on a project where I am using the Clone Stamp Effect to remove tracking markers from the original footage. When I apply the Clone Stamp Effect to the footage, my "Shadow Catcher Plane" no longer displays shadows in the camera view. The layer stack looks like this...

Camera -> Light -> 3D Object -> Shadow Catcher Plane -> Reflection Plane -> Original Footage (with the Clone Stamp Effect sourcing the Grade Layer below) -> Grade Layer -> 3D Plane with Masking for the Clone Stamp Effect

I don't see any reason why the Shadows would disappear in the Camera View. Note, the shadows are still there in Perspective Mode, and the Reflection Plane works as it should in any view.

I realize there would be a couple of work-arounds. One would be to not use the Clone Stamp Effect and just use a duplicate of the original footage with a Set Matte Effect sourcing the Grade Layer. Two would be to put the Clone Stamp Effect Original Footage in its own Nested Composite Shot so that the Clone Stamp Effect is not in the Composite with the Shadow Catcher.

I just find it strange that using a Clone Stamp Effect on the Original Footage would cause shadows to no longer render in the Composite Shot.

It is important to note that it is specifically because I am sourcing a Grade Layer in the Clone Stamp Effect that the shadows are disappearing. Any thoughts?


  • I had this same thing happen in the past and thought it was simply "me".  Being a total novice Hitfilm person.  Good to see that someone who is the "Master" of Hitfilm having this happen also.   (Not good that you are having the problem.  )



  • @JBaymore I think that the term "Master" is a bit of a stretch! 

    There is no question that it has to do with the fact that I am sourcing a Grade Layer. Another work-around therefore would be to pre-compose the 3D plane that I have masked. I can't just source the 3d Plane, however, because the Clone Stamp Effect sources the Plane before Masks are taken into consideration, so it needs to be baked in. The problem is that I would need to duplicate the camera move in the nested Composite Shot to make sure the Plane moves properly in the shot..

  • No "Sensei"... Master is deserved.



  • @FilmSensei - Thank you for reporting & bringing this to our attention. I can confirm it is a bug that has now been logged & scheduled for a future update.

    Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

  • @Ady It is my pleasure... and no apology necessary.  It's not an inconvenience at all. If this is the worse thing that happens to me all year, then I have a really amazing life!!! :) I just noticed it while working on something (removing tracking markers) and wondered if it was just me. The nice thing is that there is more than one work around, and they are all really easy to do! Thanks!

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