HitFilm Express 13 Audio is distorted

A few days ago I recorded audio (In Audacitiy), exported it to an mp3 file and used it in my video. While adding all the files the audio sounded clear and regular, but a little later the audio suddenly became distorted and fuzzy. Anyone know how to fix the problem?


  • @Maraa024 have you added any effects to the audio track in any way? What sort of changes did you make inbetween adding the audio and noticing the issue. Does this happen with other audio elements too?

    Also, obligatory what are your specs? and have you updated your drivers?

  • @Maraa024 ; Do you have the same issue if you write out WAV?   Personally, I trust WAV files more than MP3.

  • @Maraa024 - Are you still having issues, do you need further assistance? 

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