Compatibility of multiple versions of HitFilm on the same computer

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Is Hitfilm Pro 2017 and Hitfilm 13 compatable on the same machine at the same time  reason I ask my Jetstrike model's work great on 2017, but not on Pro 13


  • It should be, you can't have both installed at the same time. What's the trouble with the newer software?

  • Hi Andy, on the older version my Jetstrike model's are very fluid when you move them on13 they really don't move at all. Can't see the difference. 

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    @Andy001a @rick1 ; I believe that actually Hitfilm 2017 (or version 5) is the last version that installed into a discrete folder and could exist simultaneous with other versions.  With version 6 the same folder started being used for installation and thus only one version could be on a machine at one time.  I currently have Hitfilm Express 13 installed along with Hitfilm Express 2017 and Pro 13 and all is good. And, oh, Pro 4 too ...:)

  •  @tddavis thanks for the info will try both tomorrow and let you know how I get on

  • @rick1 - You haven't posted in a while, do you require any further assistance? Has your issue been resolved?

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