[SOLVED] Vegas Integration Issue

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The audio track doesn't load in HitFilm as described. I could frankly care less, but thought you guys should know. Tried both phone footage and Gh4 footage. 

Otherwise..LOVE - THIS - IMPLEMENTATION! Beyond stoked. 


  • @Hictor - I think there has been some confusion about what was changed with regards to the Vegas integration.

    a) When right clicking on clips inside Vegas & sending them to HitFilm, it will only send the Video clip, this has not changed. So what you have seen is the correct behaviour.

    b) There was a particular use case where if you imported a HitFilm Project into Vegas which had Audio on the Editor Timeline it would not work or would work briefly then stop, this has now been corrected.

    I hope this clears things up, but if anything is unclear or you have further questions do let me know.

  • Ahh.. I misread!

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