[SOLVED] Installing HitFilm Pro 13.1

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Just got notification of 13.1

When I used to install recent Express releases I seem to remember it recognised the existing installation and updated it. I installed HFP on an SSD (not C:) but HitFilm Pro 13.1 installer doesn't recognise this and  assumes it's a new installation to C:\Program Files. Is that normal? It means remembering to select 'Custom Installation' rather than 'Typical'.


  • This seems normal to me. Custom clearly states that it allows users to choose the installation location, whilst Typical will install to the default location. I think other programs will probably work the same way. Every time I have installed HitFilm (it's been to the same location - typical - every time) it has not prompted me with anything to suggest it has found an existing installation, it's just overwritten the old version in the background.

  • You are right of course, my misinterpretation. I just had this idea the HFE used to state '...updating...' right at the start, whereas  PRO states '...installing...'. I stand corrected.

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    @pinthenet Pro and Express are seen by the OS as two completely different programs and therefore install in two separate directories.

    If for example you install HF Pro 12.3 on your E: drive and then install HF Pro 13.1, it should recognise the custom path and install the update in the same place. If instead of Pro you install HF Express 13.1 then it will be seen as a different program and install in the default location.

    It all depends on what you have already installed on the machine before running the new installer.

  • Ah I was completely wrong! My bad. I didn't even register that both pro and express were mentioned.

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    My final question: is there any reason to keep my HFE installation? Could it confuse the Pro installer?

    I used HFE up to June/July this year, then took advantage of the special PRO deal (in July?) in preparation for version 13. I've not used HFE since I installed PRO. Actually I thought PRO would update Express to Pro, like buying a license for a trial version, but I now know it's a separate product.

  • @pinthenet Pro can do everything Express can, so there is little reason to keep it around if you don't use it now that you have Pro.

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    @pinthenet Most users with Pro have no need for Express. However, if you make (or intend to) tutorials, it's helpful to keep a "base" copy (no add ons) around, only for reference of what features require add-ons (also helpful for answering user questions). 

    However, don't delete Express yet. Not on my comp at the moment, but, tomorrow I'll note what directories in Express hold any custom presets or workspaces you might have made so you can transfer them. I've discussed this before so @tddavis or @FilmSensei strike me as the two most likely to have copied that info. 

  • I think it will be some time before I'll be considering making tutorials, and I suppose I could reinstall HFE at that time (not sure if it's possible to remove addons though). Presets and Workspaces are no big loss but it would be worth checking, I saw a reference to the Workspace folder recently. When I installed HFP I set it to use the same Cache & Prerender folders as HFE. I assume the contents of those folders are only temporary anyway, and only populated during a HF session.

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    Oooh, um. Either shift Pro to a unique cache folder or delete Express. Pro and Express are separate programs and should not share caches. That can cause issues.

    Semi-disclaimer, this is based on information given me by the Devs (who were kind enough to fact-check a tutorial I never finished) about Hitfilm 2017, but I see no reason why anything would have changed. 

  • Since installing HFP I've never used HFE, but to be safe I'll do as you say for Pro, before uninstalling Express (why do I make my life so difficult?)

  • @pinthenet I have run both Express and Pro on my computer since Version 2, and I have never had a problem doing so. Of course, I do tutorials for Express all the time, so that is why I have a base copy of Express.

  •  @Triem23 ; Looked through my files and sadly that is not one that I captured.

  • To close:

    I uninstalled HFE and the Cache & Proxy folders were left untouched.

    The presets were saved in C:\ProgramData\FXHOME\HitFilm Express\Presets - I copied the contents of 'My Presets'  to the equivalent Pro folder C:\ProgramData\FXHOME\HitFilm Pro\Presets\My Presets

    I didn't create any Workspaces in Express but in Pro I found them under C:\ProgramData\FXHOME\HitFilm Pro\Templates\Workspaces

    I have created  a couple of new workspaces in Pro and I noticed that their filenames are eg 63e5f0ea-9046-40b1-9ce7-ca9224d6bb4c.hfw although the files include a <Name>My Workspace</Name> like the default Workspace files (eg All Panels.hfw)

    No big deal as it shows the correct name in the View/Workspaces menu, just thought I'd mention it.

    Thanks to everyone for feedback and recommendations.

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    @pinthenet. Good to see that just mentioning you could find the folders with your presets led you to move them over.

    It's also a nice thing to know when (inevitably) you change computers. :-)

  • When I am installing the program I get the following notice: THE INSTALLATION PACKAGE IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THIS TYPE OF PROCESSOR. CONTACT THE PRODUCT MANUFACTURER. Can someone please help me?

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    @ArmandoGarrido what are your specs? CPU, GPU, OS, RAM and storage? 

    Bear in mind Hitfilm is pretty good at identifying compatible hardware. The chances are the computer you're using just isn't powerful enough to run Hitfilm. 

  • @ArmandoGarrido ; Just guessing but I suspect from that message you either don't have a 64-bit processor and/or Windows.  It could also be that the processor you have is an older chip processor and isn't at least a 4th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors or AMD equivalent.

    Here is a link to the requirements just in case:


    If it is neither of those you want to submit a support ticket here:


    Hope this helps you along.


  • @ArmandoGarrido You most likely are running a 32-bit version of Windows, which is not compatible with HitFilm. If you go to Settings > System > About, you can see which system type you are using.

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