How to tell which version of HitFilm created a HFP file

Is there a way to tell? I have found some .HFP files that I don't know about. I don't want to install every version since HF 3 to find out. (long story). Also HF 13 will not work on my PC as it is not powerful enough, so now I don't have HF installed at all.


Edit: Ver. 2017 does not work on my PC.


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    Not on my comp to check, but an .hpf file is XML, so I'd bet if you right click in Windows Explorer and opened an .hpf file in Notepad, early in the file would be a version tag. 

  • @Triem23 Yes Mike, you are correct. If you open a HFP file with notepad, you will immediately be able to discern in what version of HitFilm it was made.

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    Thanks, that is exactly what I was thinking. Well, maybe not 'exactly', but almost. :-)

    Edit: This is what I found:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <BiffProject AppVersion="5.0.6308.3601" AppEdition="2000" CurrentScreen="2"><Project Version="3"><ID>7ad879a5-e612-4609-a0d3-8adc0d36b744</ID><Name></Name><ProjectSettings Version="5">

    Looks like version is 5.0.6308.3601 - but what version does this really mean? Translation needed.

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    @DataDesign ; If my memory (which is rapidly failing :) ) serves, I believe version 5 was what is referred to as Hitfilm 2017.  You never hear of it called Hitfilm 5 cause I think that was the year FxHome decided to drop the numbering sequence.  With Verison 6 on to about 11 it was just Hitfilm Pro or Express officially but some people still kept using the numbering so I think they decided to start officially calling them versions again.

    Edit: Just checked my installed Express 2017 and it lists it as ver 5.0 when starting up.

  • @DataDesign

    @tddavis is correct... HitFilm "Version 5" was called HitFilm 2017.

  • @tddavis @FilmSensi

    Thanks for the info. However, this is very sad. Because is shows that these HFP projects were made with HF 2017 and as I said, HF pro 2017 was not working on my PC. It would open up and show the splash screen with all the ads and tutorial links, but if I clicked Open, or Edit, or New, or anything,  it crashed with 'Sorry HitFilm has to close' or something close to that. So I uninstalled it. So now I have to figure it all out because I see now that I was using it for these projects. Why would it just stop working? Oh wait...... this question has been asked here before now. What was the answer? I can't seem to remember. Oh wait........OS updates. Don't allow them. Video Drivers; could be those pesky drivers changed themselves since I last used HF. Unlikely.

    /begin small rant/ When I read on the forum that a poor user was working and the next time he opens up HF it crashes, I always say "How frustrating"! Because there never seems to be an answer that works. /end small rant/ The bright side is........ The not so bad side is, that I haven't tried to fix it yet, maybe I will be the one who discovers the answers.;-)

    Disclaimer: I love HF.



  • Did not discover the "answers" but I think I have found what "my" problem is. It has been a while since I edited anything in HF and in the mean time I had my GPU start to fail, and as it happened, I reverted to my Intel integrated GPU which will not handle HF.  Then I tried to open a project, and got the bad news. Maybe HF could make the error say "You don't have a good enough GPU to run HF" then I would have gone, "Oh yea!" instead of wasting people's time on the forum. :-)

  • @DataDesign That sucks that your GPU has crapped out! I am very sorry to hear that. Let me reassure you, however, that as far as I am concerned, you are never a waste of time on the forums.

  • @DataDesign

    Out of curiosity, what are your system specs? 

  • @triforcefx

    Commodore 64 with new cartridges. :-)


  • Not really, but close.

    Intel Celeron G1620 2.70 ghz

    8gb ram

    Intel graphics on mobo. Does not say if it is 4000 or less.

    Win 8.0

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    @DataDesign Celeron? Oy, that's under minimum spec! Probably has the Intel HD from when they called it HD without a number. 

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