Make the End of a line follow an Object in it possible? (Beginner Question)


I was searching hours for a Tutorial to achieve this effect in Hitfilm:


But i wasn't able to find one... :-( so... is it possible to do the same " End of the line follow an Object" Tracking Effect in Hitfilm...and if yes, is there a video tutorial out there to follow along?

Sorry for this Beginner Question...and many thanks for your help!!! :-)




  • This tutorial from ProductionCrate shows how to use the lightening effect to draw lines and attach the ends to moving points. I thought it was quite a neat solution (around 13:00 for lightning effect)


  • Lightning, as shown in the Production Crate tutorial, or, 2-point lightsword.

    Lightning will render more quickly. The prime reason to consider Lightsword is the Lightsword is calculated in pseudo 3D - so a 3D line would have perspective. For a simple 2D line, lightning is the better option. 

  • I can't check at the moment but I assume that once I setup a line using lightning or lightsword I can save it as a preset and I can modify the start/end points when I apply it later to other shots?

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    Sort of. You'll be able to save the line - no glows, twitch, etc and save that as an effects preset, but I think you'll lose the parenting since the linked points aren't part of the effects filter itself (and exist as other layers). You'll still save time not having to do the other adjustments. 

    Consider setting up a grade layer with your line effect, and your points, and either save as a Composite Shot or even a Published Composite Shot. Then you can load in the (published?) comp and quickly copy/paste the line layer and its point layers into whatever comp you want. Publishing is arguably the way to go here since a Published Comp can be reused without altering the original - or, if this is something you'll use a lot it's faster to load a Published Comp than importing a regular Comp. 

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    Thank you very much for this Tips & Tricks !!! :-) think i can finally make the video that i want...


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    We covered this technique here:

  • I feel like the lightning effect is more often used to do any other number of things instead of lighting.  I wonder if a bunch of ways it's used could result in an easier to use motion graphics tool.

  • @Dimipapa If you setup the required settings for a lightning line effect, then save it as a preset you will always have the effect available from the effects list, and you only need to relink the start/end points

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