[Vegas Post] AfterEffects plugins soon compatible with Hitfilm/Vegas effects?

Considering buying Vegas Post, as I find premiere slow and annoying to edit in. Getting a FX software that works with it would be nice, but I'm wondering what plugins actually work since Hitfilm seems a little under the radar compared to the monster that AE is.


I saw the article linked above, and noted that they say that AE plugins will "soon" work with Vegas Effects/HitFilm.

Does anyone have info on when this will happen, or if it already works in Vegas effects?


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    Timeline hasn't been given yet. "Later this year" is all that can be said. 

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    The more appropriate response would be: "Adobe has no timeline."

    How many years has it been since they publicized an iPad implementation of photoshop? (*looks at Affinity and laughs maniacly*)

  • @Triem23

    Do you have a source on the announcement at least? I'd like to see that it is at least confirmed coming, not just some clickbait news article. :p

  • @DaveTheMedic It's coming in a future version. 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @DaveThe Medic it's been discussed on Livestreams on FXHOME's YouTube channel, and, of course, Ben won't steer you wrong. 

    Mods aren't Staff (we're user volunteers), so I don't have much information besides public announcements. 

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