Choppy and sluggish performance on Ryzen 3600 / RX 570

Hello all,

I have a question about hitfilm performance on two different systems, especially 4K video playback when moving a bar back and forth in edit window.

1. laptop: i5-8300h / 1050 ti / 8gb RAM / 256 SSD

-80 mbps: smooth

-120 mbps: little choppy but still smooth and usable

-200 mbps: very lagging / choppy

2. desktop: Ryzen 3600 / RX 570 / 16GB RAM / 512 SSD

-80 mbps: smooth

-120 mbps: lagging / choppy

-200 mbps: very lagging / choppy (maybe, worse than 8300h)


I just upgraded the desktop to 3600 expecting to cover 200 mbps video but performance is worse than laptop.

Please help choose what part needs to be replaced in similar price range. Radeon to nvidia? or CPU to intel like 9400f?


  • What's the media format???

  • Hi,
    200mbps -> mov
    120mbps -> mp4
    Anyhow, all same type of files on two systems

    AMD is supposed to be slower?

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     Unfortunately, “mov” and “mp4” really don’t mean much... they are simply containers can use a variety of encoding methods. The only way to know what they’re really “made of” is to run a MediaInfo report on them. 

    That being said, Hitfilm does have a few optimizations on certain formats that for now are specific to Windows-based Nvidia and Intel systems. This may account for at least some of the difference in performance. Besides that, make sure Windows and your drivers are fully up to date. According to the devs, AMD support will come eventually for the enhancements. It may also be beneficial to you to transcode your footage to a more optimized encoding format.

    I may link the relevant materials here if I’m feeling up to it

  • @kachuapawell - Are you still experiencing issues? Can we be of any further help here? 

    A sample of the footage would help us diagnose what's happening, you could send it to us in a support ticket here.

  • As per the specs you listed, it seems like Hitfilm should run well. The reason behind lag might be the outdated system or drivers. Even though, if you wish to upgrade any of the parts of your desktop, you should go with faster GPU, RAM and Storage like GDDR5, DDR4 and SSD. And if you have a good budget and are looking for a all-new Intel or Ryzen laptop, choose the device wisely and with a bit more features than minimum system requirements. And, it's my personal view that one should go with a laptop instead of desktop for working with photo and video editing apps to work anywhere.

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