Vectorscope on 3D layer 2D projection, disables RAM preview

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Would it be correct that  a Vectorscope effect on a 3D layer doesn't behave as though it's mapped onto that layer, rather it remains projected to the final 2D frame?

Also, if I've got a Vectorscope on a layer in a 3D scene, it seems to disable the ability to RAM preview? (I was trying to use this as a special effect, not as an analysis tool.)

I've partly answered my own question: I had it on a "Grade" layer so that was the problem with the 3D positioning. However, the RAM preview issue still stands - it won't run at all if there's a vectorscope effect in the scene (if I disable the visibility of that layer then RAM preview is sweet).


  • I'll tag in.... hmmmm, last tags were Ben and Dibs.... @CedricBonnier to sanity check me.

    I believe the Scopes are going to be coded to appear as a 2D overlay, no matter what. if you keep your layer 2D, add the scopes then convert to an embedded Comp that will bake in the Scopes, and then you can position the embedded comp as a 3D plane.

    Scopes need to read the status of the layer, then create the scope data, then render the scope, I think. This reading of the layer data, then writing it back to the layer actually CHANGES the data on the active layer, which would immediately stop the RAM preview. Unfortunately, I don't think there's going to be a way to prevent this unless the Scopes effects are rewritten to "sidechain" itself. I'm not certain, and it's this paragraph I've tagged Cedric to check.

    That said, if you've put the scope in the embedded comp shot then the scope is baked in before the layer renders, so, again, I think the embed will take care of the RAM preview issue, even though the issue with the order of operations remains.


  • Triem23. Thanks for the response; I've switched to something else but if I get time I'll give it a try; however the scopes are dependent on reading the video of the layers below, so that'd mean including those in the subcomp and as far as I understand it they need to be visible to be "measured" by the effect, so I'm still not getting just the vectorscope by itself as a "graphic" layer that can be used in 3D. It's not a big deal at all, I was just experimenting (I've used an audio waveform effect instead). Cheers!

  • I haven't used the Scopes EFFECT in awhile, so my memory is probably incorrect: I thought the Scope effect, added to a layer, specifically checked that layer! If it checks everything below, then... Yeah, that becomes a bigger pain. Then you'd have to duplicate all the lower layers into the embedded comp to get the proper readings and do the baking....

    What were you trying to do? I ask because the only thing "Creative" I've done with Scopes is use them to create a neat lower third template:

  • Triem23  It does check it's own layer, but it can "compare" to another layer, and since it's getting nothing from itself you just see the result of the "comparison" layer. I was using it to make pretty-pretty lights (that sync to the video, which is pulsing in time to the music track, so it all fits together). Just playin', it's not a job.

  • @AndyQ @Triem23 Hmmm, the ram preview not working doesn't seem right. It has been doing this for years and may have always been the case. Thanks for reporting this, we'll have a look and fix it.

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