Activation Window Disappears every time I click to open it

Hello all,

I have downloaded hitfilm express 13, and whenever I click to activate my software the loading window pops up, then after that there's a split second of another window before it closes, after which clicking the activate button doesn't do anything. please help


  • Hi @BoiGamez132, I've passed this on to the dev that looked at something in this area recently, so may be able to help more. However you may have better luck sending us a support ticket.

  • Was this ever resolved? I'm having the same issue and can't activate. :(

  • @DashWG this has been fixed for an upcoming release, for now unfortunately I will also have to direct you to support.

  • Same problem.... still no solution?

  • @JoeSmoegg we are still waiting on the release of the next version of express. When this happens the fix will be included.

  • Same issue here. Is there some way to activate if we contact support, or do we just have to wait for a working version?

  • @BADsDAD please read TheBenNorris's comments, above. 

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    Thanks! BenNorris' comment on Nov15th above states that it is a known issue and directed DashWG to contact support. However, I didn't want to contact support if there is no fix at all. I was thinking that maybe that comment was indicating that support could provide a workaround for now. 

  • @BADsDAD you may be best waiting for the next release of Express, as this incorporates a fix for the issue.

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    @BADsDAD apologies for the issues you've had with the Activation App. When Hitfilm starts, it parents the Activation App to itself (as previously the app could be lost 'behind' Hitfilm). However, it seems that on a small number of user systems, another window is being parented to and the window effectively disappears.

    In 14.0 Pro (and the upcoming Express), this method is still used. However, when it fails, you will be able to go into Options->Activation Settings and open the app from there. It won't be 'grabbed' by Hitfilm and will just run in it's own seperate window.

    It is possible to activate your current version before this release is available. Please create a support ticket where we will be able to help you in more detail, and once again, our apologies for the difficulties you've had activating.

  • After I migrated to a new PC build, I could not activate HitFilm Express due to the activation window just vanishing. I un-registered the old PC and then...

    I ran on the new pc/install...

    C:\Program Files\FXHOME\HitFilm Express\ActivationApp\Activate.bat

    and it seemed to work ok ! Happy days.


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