Activation Window Disappears every time I click to open it

Hello all,

I have downloaded hitfilm express 13, and whenever I click to activate my software the loading window pops up, then after that there's a split second of another window before it closes, after which clicking the activate button doesn't do anything. please help


  • Hi @BoiGamez132, I've passed this on to the dev that looked at something in this area recently, so may be able to help more. However you may have better luck sending us a support ticket.

  • Was this ever resolved? I'm having the same issue and can't activate. :(

  • @DashWG this has been fixed for an upcoming release, for now unfortunately I will also have to direct you to support.

  • Same problem.... still no solution?

  • @JoeSmoegg we are still waiting on the release of the next version of express. When this happens the fix will be included.

  • Same issue here. Is there some way to activate if we contact support, or do we just have to wait for a working version?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @BADsDAD please read TheBenNorris's comments, above. 

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    Thanks! BenNorris' comment on Nov15th above states that it is a known issue and directed DashWG to contact support. However, I didn't want to contact support if there is no fix at all. I was thinking that maybe that comment was indicating that support could provide a workaround for now. 

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