MP3 from Musicbed not loading

Downloaded a licensed mp3 from Musicbed and when I try to import it into my project it gives me a load error.

I can play the song just fine in windows media player and I have several other mp3 files loaded into the project without any problems.

Am I overlooking something obvious here?


  • What specific version of HitFilm are you running? Usually load errors on MP3 files are cause by multiple ID3 header tags, but this was changed in version 13. If you are using an older version of HitFilm, then either removing the additional ID3 tags or converting the file to a format that doesn't use those tags will allow you to load it.

  • Still using HFP 12.

    And what are ID3 tags?

  • ID3 tags are information listing the Album name, artist name, name and so on.

    There is a Version 1 of ID3 and a version 2. Both can co-exist in the same file at the same time. Hitfilm has been rather quirky about ID3 tags.

  • @ScottReid - There are lots of ID3 Tag editors that are free to download,  just make sure the website hosting them is trustworthy. Removing the multiple tags will mean your files will work & is a fairly quick process. 

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