Import of video not running "smooth" in Hitfilm Pro 11

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I have an mp4 clip I want to use that is shot at 23.98 fps and shows a 3982 kbps total bitrate.  When viewed in the original source file on my computer using the Win viewer or VLC it runs completely smoothly.  If I then import it into a HF project all by itself (as a test), and have the project itself set at 23.8..... when RAM previewed or exported (at 23.8) it is "jerky".  Things that pan in the original are not smooth like they look in the original source file.

Can someone please explain what is happening here?

HF program is on the C: SSD and the source file is on the D: SSD.  Overall machine is "robust", to say the least.

Driving me nuts.  I expect to have "issues" when I incorporate the 23.8 source file into a 30 fps project..... but this should be smooth when it is "apples to apples" I would think.




  • @JBaymore - Sorry for not getting to you sooner, would you be able to upload the clip somewhere for us to test this? I'd quite like to see if we can reproduce this issue.


  • John, out of curiosity is the original video from a phone, tablet or screen recorder like Shadowplay or OBS? 

  • @Triem23,

    It is a clip downloaded from Youtube with "Clipgrab".  It plays very smoothly in the original file.  I've downloaded lots of stuff before with Clipgrab, and they work fine.  But if I load it into Hitfilm Pro... it plays "jerky". The original looks to be 'professional production' quality.

    A small scenic segment of this clip is to be used for a personal private project (not to be distributed and will be seen only by family).



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    Not a problem.  Here's the clip "in the wild":

    I've downloaded it more then once trying to figure this out.



  • @JBaymore ; Thanks for the name of the program you used.  Been trying to remember to hunt up a new one to grab this annoying Gummy Bear song that my 6 YO autistic grandson is waaaay into right now.  I haven't tried to grab your specific clip yet, but I did grab his fav and it play perfectly in Hitfilm Pro 13.  Clipped the very beginning and duplicated it 6 times to make him a 15 minute loop.

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    "when RAM previewed or exported (at 23.8) it is "jerky"."

    MediaInfo lists that file as variable framerate. 

    The frame rate is one of those alternating frame rate clips that I have seen common with 23.98 frame rate clips (also 59.94 is common). So over a very shot pattern of 2-4 frames the frame rate is truly constant. Some encoding apps just output these frame rate patterns, for CFR (constant frame rate) media, for some DumbA reason. e.g. Handbrake is one such app.

    Hitfilm tries to handle VFR (variable frame rate) but does a pretty bad job of it.

    Ironic thing is with these alternating frame rate, "CFR" clips, if Hitfilm behaved like it did before it tried to support VFR, then these alternating patterns would very likely work just fine. Hitfilm would be better off if the VFR support was spitcanned and removed if it cannot or will not be fixed. Too many of the VFR pattern media clips out there.

    Why Hitfilm does not inform a user that a VFR media clip has been imported is curious, given all the problems that VFR media causes.

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    Thanks @NormanPCN.  Drives me nuts that it plays just fine on the computer..... but then does not in Hitfilm.  And yeah......... it would be nice if such files were obviously "flagged" somehow.  I kind of assumed that as a pro looking clip it would not be VFR.

    I'd look to Clipgrab as maybe being the 'intermediary filter' culprit here .... but I've used lots of clips downloaded with that which do not exhibit any issues.



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    "Drives me nuts that it plays just fine on the computer"

    Ignore any and all references to playback of videos in a video player. Video players have no problem with variable playback. They show each frame in the duration specified in the file.  Video editing is constant frame rate for many good and proper reasons.

    VFR is normally not a problem since "real" video cameras have always been constant frame rate. Even a GoPro is real in this sense. The stupid encoder outputting pattern VFR with a CFR source is just laziness on the developer. In this sense Handbrake is flat out stupid WRT 23.98 and 59.94 CFR media. Okay with others.

    The video downloader should just give you the Youtube/whatever source as is. Unless you want some kind of conversion. Some will convert on the fly with a download. Worry about conversions yourself. Like if you DL a 1440 or UHD file from Youtube, then that will be in the VP9 codec. This would need a conversion to use in Hitfilm. Best control such conversions yourself.


    edit: I did try clipgrab in addition to 4K video downloader on this video you linked.

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    Any thoughts from Hitfilm on this?



  • @JBaymore - Apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I have downloaded the file, tried it and yes there does appear to be playback issues with the file. I will log this as a bug to be investigated.

    Is it only this particular file you are having issues with?  I believe you mentioned you've had no other issues using Clipgrab files before, is that correct?

    I'll let you know when I have some feedback for you as soon as I can.

  • @Ady,

    No, the Clipgrab program does not seem to impart any "artifacts" itself in downloads that I have experienced before.  I've used it many times and it seems to work just fine.  

    At the moment... that clip is the only one I'm having issues with.  




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