Rotobrush Tool Addition Estimate

I realize that the Wishlist already has a request for a Rotobrush tool, but is it possible to get an estimate of when this would actually be added? I don't know about other people, but this is a huge selling point for me as it is basically the only good reason I have to not buy the software. Otherwise, for my purposes, I either stick with HitFilm express or jump all the way to After Affects, which I don't really have the budget to do.


  • If hitfilm had a rotobrush, well that would be pretty great.  That and create a few easier ways to create some line draws and other motion graphic style effects.  Many such elements can be created using some round about methods.  The rotobrush in AA is pretty good but I feel like it would be something difficult to create in hitfilm, but each version of HF gets better so I'm hopeful.

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    As cool as a rotobrush would be, I have doubts it will be added before the end of the year at the least... earlier this year, they gave a roadmap of major Hitfilm features (such as Foundry camera tracking and Adobe plugin support) that are coming this year. As far as I know, rotobrush has never been announced (or even mentioned) as an upcoming feature (though Markers, another fan favorite, have).

    This year has marked a major change in how features are announced- in the past, you’d be lucky to get so much as a peep about upcoming features and wouldn’t know anything until the feature was actually released. Even with them starting to announce features in advance, they still don’t get much more specific than “later this year”

     Long story short, don’t hold your breath for it. Remember, After Effects was around for nearly 2 decades before it got rotobrush. Hitfilm is very competitive even though it costs much less money, has a much smaller development team, and has only been around for a fraction (about 1/3) of After Effects’ lifetime. I can’t wait to see where Hitfilm goes from here

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