Add Blur Effect On New Composite Shot

Hello, I have a composite shot created for mainly animating the intro text so I don't burdening the clip when previewing it. What I want is adding blur background in that composite shot. Adding the transparent plane didn't show the effect, while adding a black plane is blocking the clip behind the Intro Text composite shot. I am sorry if it hard to understand what I try to tell. Thank you.


  • Add the blur effect directly on the background layer. 

  • How to add background layer? All I know is adding plane layer. And as I mentioned before, adding transparent and black plane didn't work

  • What triem means is that there is no sense of a "blur" without it being applied to an underlying layer. I believe you're thinking that a blur on a transparent layer would almost create a "frosted glass" layer.

    Unfortunately this is not how blur works digitally, and you need to apply the blur directly to the footage you wish to blur, so in this case you will not be able to just create a comp with a blur effect on a transparent layer, you will actually have to apply the blur to the clip you wish to blur. I hope this helps.

  • Ben is correct. Apply the blur directly to the layer you want to blur. 

    Your other option is a "Grade Layer." a Grade Layer applies an effect to all layers below itself. 

  • Alright, will do. Thank you for your help and suggestion.

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