Renaming comps not reflected in timeline

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If I rename a comp (via properties) that revised name is not reflected in the Editor timeline. The comp is renamed correctly in the "Media" tab, and if I open it for editing it is labelled with the new name. Is there some manual method required to rename the clip in the editor? I have a few different comps that appearing with the same name and "renaming" them hasn't fixed that.


  • Renaming items in the media panel does not reflect to placement of those items on any timeline. No propagation.

    Hitfilm does not offer a renaming feature for NLE/editor timeline clips. You can rename layers in comp timelines.

    Hitfilm stores a unique name for each layer/clip independent of the media panel associated item. In part this is likely why they do not propagate a changed media panel name. Or they did not think of this, or think it not useful/appropriate, or just being lazy. Of course, one can flag if a clip/layer was manually renamed and not propagate a media panel rename in those circumstances.

    I for one would like media panel propagation when not manually renamed. Who gets things "right" for the start. We don't carve into stone for a reason. Such carvings are not editable.

    That NLE clips actually have names, and those names are displayed, and Hitfilm does not allow a rename is kinda a problem given that everywhere else (AFAIK) Hitfilm allows renaming. Those who are adventurous can rename NLE timeline clips.

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