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I am starting to look at using 3D models in HitFilm. I started with free models and I've tried cgtrader, turbosquid & free3d. I have had mixed results but one problem may be a false understanding on my side. I have now started to purchase some cheap models but I still have problems, which I can only see once I've purchased the model. I try to select models which supposedly have textures etc according to the description, but very often I don't seem to get the textures or HitFilm doesn't find the various mapping files. It usually go for FBX files - the textures are saved within the file right? However I have the same issue with OBJ formats too.

I also tried importing FBXs to Blender then exporting them but  with no success, even though the textures etc were visible in Blender.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a general quality problem with online sources?


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    @pinthenet ; I've found that the textures are usually a separate download with most FBX models and are usually a series of UV maps ; diffuse (or albedo), specular, roughness, ambient occlusion (or AO), Normal sometimes Bump or some combination of these.  They have to be relinked in the materials section in Hitfilm either when importing or it can be accessed after import unlike the animation groups that must be selected on import.  @FilmSensei did a great tutorial on importing and setting up an Orville model that may help you out if you haven't seen it:


    Hope this helps you sort it out.

  •  Thanks @tddavis

    Most of the models I've tried only provide OBJ/MTL or FBX files. The successful ones usually provide zip or rar  archives including a folder of texture files. I'm just confused when the description mentions textures etc as included but then they aren't. I'm assuming that more expensive models are more reliable, but it's a risk. I have tried contacting the creators & repository support with no response so far. I think I read that Turbosquid offers refunds.

    I'll check out the tutorial, not seen that one

  • @pinthenet ; There might be a way to use tge OBJ/MTL in say, Blender and then extract the UV maps from there but for me it is very hit and miss.

  • Most models you download will have a separate folder for textures, which means you'll have to manually relink them. 

    Alternatively, Hitfilm will (usually) link textures automatically if you move them to the same folder as the model geometry. 

    Sensei's tutorial is a good 'in. 

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    @pinthenet If you really want to play around with some good, high quality models that are free, take a lot at this set of Star Wars models provided by Andrew Kramer and Video Copilot...


    There is a big button that says "Download the Model Pack." Click on that and save it. Right below that is a smaller link that says "Alternate Textures Files: Download JPG Map files." Click on that for the textures.

    I did a handful of tutorials on how to bring those into HitFilm and set them up. If you walk through some of these, you will have it down in no time!







  •  Thanks @FilmSensei, @Triem23, and @tddavis again. I looked at sketchfab - the first download I tried had everything. And more tutorials.

  •  @pinthenet What download did you look at? I am just curious and always ready to learn! :)

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     @FilmSensei ; Thanks for the link and reminder to me about these models.  While I'm 99% sure I have them already...somewhere on an external, I redownloaded them ...just in case :)

  •  I noticed that in most case the list of download files only appears in detail after purchase. It would be good to know if there are zip/rar files or just fbx/obj etc before buying

  • @pinthenet ; I had a bit of a lightning bolt today after some web searching and did a little texture map baking of a plain cube in Blender from a procedural material created with a Principled BDSF and Noise textures.  I baked out a diffuse, normal and roughness (which I think is the basically a specularity map) and then saved the model as an FBX and imported into Hitfilm. Interestingly the diffuse color came with FBX but I applied the map to get the Noise.

    There was a little issue with the diffuse where it only did 3 sides with the noise but when the others were added it got the noise.  I need to fiddle a but more on that to see what I did wrong.

    This wouldn't be called a tutorial by any stretch but maybe it will point you to what I did:

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/cs8d8y12bi067l7/Baking Procedural MTLs in Blender 2.8.mp4?dl=0


  •  I'll check that out @tddavis, but I realise I have to get a bit further into Blender it seems.... I did start a Udemy course but ran out of steam - need to pick it up again.

    Question, also for @spyderhunk -  would Filmer simplify the exporting of models & materials to HF? I don't really want to get too deep into Blender, especially not to the point of creating my own models.

  • @pinthenet ; I'll let @spydurhank field the most part of this question but from what I have seen I think the answer is yes.  Since Filmer will let whole scenes in Blender be exported to Hitfilm that should definitely make things simplier. As far as I know he hasn't yet uploaded the latest version he is creating some incredible cross platform work with yet.  

  • Sorry for the late reply @pinthenet and @tddavis , just saw this post,

    Yes Filmer simplifies all of my custom Blender to Hitfilm workflows and will easily translate into what ever it is that you want to do. It makes it so you don't need to be a Blender expert or any kind of 3D expert for that matter, and it does a bunch of stuff for you automatically. :) 

    Give me a few days as tomorrow I'm beginning all the tutorials and stuff. Then I'll upload a new Filmer release with some new single click exporters for camera, empties and 3D objects as well as entire 3D scenes and animations. Plus a bunch of other new tools. Just need to show you guys how to use them first but everything is already working. :)

    Don't make a purchase just yet unless you're interested in supporting development as the Filmer builds currently available at my website are basically for Filmer Beta testers and anyone that wants to further support development. The current Filmer builds are not bundled with my new exporters so like I said, I'd wait a few days so I can upload a release with all of the latest goodies and surprises. :)

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     Looks like you've got one more user @spydurhank. I'll watch out for that

  • Thank you @pinthenet , very much appreciated. :)

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