Car reveal, event to come

Hi all, here is an animation I created for the commercial launch of a car in Saudi Arabia next week. It will be displayed on a 15meters wide holographic screen (video to come if everything goes right !).

For this project, my client bought a 3D model, my job was to :

- compose and mix the music + sound FX

- modify the 3D model to fit the client's needs

- model some extra elements (animated pistons, gear shifter, AC outlets) in Blender

- composite and animate everything in Hitfilm.

Mitsubishi L200 animation


Working with a 4 million polygons model plus several copies of 1 million polygons cars, I had some ressources issues in Hitfilm. Loading and saving the project took up to 5 long minutes and I found out that the Alembic animations attached to models make the processes even heavier. Nevertheless, I had only few crashes, and the auto recovery did a good job most of time. Next time, I'll try to split my project into several sub projects if I'm working with big 3D models (here I only had a separate one for th engine animation).


  •  @Deweak Solid job!  The music was very slick and your timing of key animations to it on point.  Personally, for me, I really liked the switch from smooth street driving to rough terrain; the smoke/dust particles really were a nice touch.  Definitely something of which to be proud. 

  •  That was really nice!

  • Very well put together. Nice work! Hope the Expo goes well, and may your final display be properly calibrated! 👍

  • Thanks guys for your feedback ! I’m flying from France to Saudia tomorrow. On site I’ll be in charge of the Dataton Watchout system, to  display this animation on the holographic system through 3 20k lumem projectors. 15 meters wide is really uncommon, so we’re a bit stressed about the reflection film’s resistance to strong tension...


    If I have some spare time until the event in four days, I’ll add some visual effects on the final render, like atomic particles clouds,  dust etc. It was scheduled but I spent too much time on unexpected modifications on the 3D model to finish everything on time...

  • @Deweak just setting up the "parts implosion" had to be... Fun isn't the right word... 

    My word that's huge! Ground level or floating? 

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    @Triem23 For the parts implosion, first I tried to animate everything in Hitfilm, but it was too difficult to manage keyframes for more than a hundred of separate elements... so I made the animation in Blender 3D and imported the model + an alambic animation in Hitfilm. This is where things started to be complicated since Alambic import causes issues with uv maps and / or normals. I got things almost right with « unify normals », « generated faceted + smoothing » and an angle of 20 degrees, but the rear tires didn’t look right yet (had to push the tires color to a 10% grey to make the color difference between front and rear tires unnoticeable). I hope that future updates of Hitfilm will improve the 3D compatibility with models and animations from the outside....


    BTW, this project needed eight full time days + two days for the music. Talking about the music part, I had a  very good time playing with my recently purchased analog synths, they were perfect for this job :)

  • Very, very nice work Deweak , Love it, awesome use of Blender and Hitfilm.  :) 

  •  @Deweak Excellent!

  • Thank you guys ;)

  • Quick update with some extra effects before leaving home...

    Mitsu master V1

  •  @Deweak ; Looks even better!  The Atomics is really nice behind the words and it looks like you lessened the specular on the sides of the vehicle a bit which is great.  It looks to me like you might have tweaked the exploded view a bit, too. You definitely work far, far faster than I.   I'm not a car junkie (I have a 97 s-10 pickup :) ) but I like the looks of it and would consider owning one...if I ever hit the lottery jackpot!

  • Yes with some lights effects and atomic particles, you can’t go wrong :)

  • @tddavis I’m not a car junkie neither, and I own a grand cherokee 😊

    When I saw this L200 in real, I found it looked quite impressive, tough is the good word, I understood why the client insisted so much on this !

  • Deweak, very nice job,  The music, timing, 3D models etc are just so on point. Wishing you all the best.

  • @Webb01 thanks ! Crossing fingers, We’ll start the setup this evening...


    BTW I know why this Hitfilm project is so long to open / save etc... because of the heavy 3D models and Alembic animations, the project file is 6,5Gb ! Next time, I’ll definitely split my works involving 3D in small sub-projects...

  • @Deweak for future reference I've personally gotten better results in Hitfilm using FBX over Alembic. And I think Blender should be able to export Alembic in FBX.

    Something to think of later. 

    @CedricBonnier I know a Hitfilm Project stores geometry data directly - is that the same with ABC or FBX animation data? I've had a few project files get huge, but not 6GB huge! 

  • @Triem23 thanks for the info ! I always chose .obj files since I thought it was a highly compatible format, but if fbx gives better results with Alembic I’ll go for it !

  • @Deweak well, you'd use FBX models with FBX animation, but Blender can do the conversion.

    I think FBX works better simply because the geometry and animation specs with created at the same time and designed to work together, rather than Alembic with is hacking on an animation file to a geometry format 20 years older.

  • @Triem23 damn ! I thought the only way to import animations in Hitfilm was Alembic... man, you may have changed my life for a easier one, thanks a lot ! 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator
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    Nope, FBX too! That actually got added several versions ago. Yeah, you'll have a better time with FBX.

    Tutorial from @GrayMotion ;

    and @FilmSensei

    You'll be exporting your own animations, but these will show the Hitfilm end. 

  • @Triem23 thanks ! Mixamo could be handy for some projects, too. It's a pain to model and rig characters when you're not used to and short in time (like in all the jobs I'm booked for !).

  • @Deweak , Here's an example of how I use Blender and Hitfilm if interested.

    I ported the Mike Pan bmw scene it to my custom Blender 2.81 alpha build name Filmer and pimped it out.


  • Hi all, here is a short montage I made after this event. It was successful, the client was happy with the animation and the holographic projection... more jobs to come !

  Mitsubishi - Septembre 2019.mp4?dl=0

  • @Deweak "More jobs to come." best thing to see a freelancer say. 👍

    The animation looked really sexy in front of those blue, uplit curtains. Congrats! 

  • @Triem23 : It looked nice at last, I was happy to share this experience with you all, thanks for your encouragements and tips for my future jobs... Hitfilm rocks :)

  •  @Deweak ; As i said before I'm not really a car geek but that looked sexy af!  Nice music to it too.

  • @Deweak ; Most excellent! 

    I can just hear the initial meeting, "We want to make a pickup look Sexy."  Well, you did it!  The client had better be pleased.  You delivered in Spades!

  • Thank you guys, I'm really honoured to have such great feedback from you specialists :)

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