Re-using imported 3D models

Is there a way to save/export an imported 3D model so it can be used in other projects without having to redefine the material settings every time from scratch? I can save a model as part of a composite but when I load the composite shot I can't make minor tweaks any more (seems logical).


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    Yes. Just make a project with just the model then save it. Open a new project and then import the composite shot. You will be presented with a window which shows all the composite shots inside the first project you made.

    Select the comp you put your model in ie; My Model Setup

    This will import the comp and all the assets associated with that comp. Assets being...the model itself and any other media that was associated with the comp.

    EDIT: Pardon the fuzzy video..Nvidia screen capture is terrible

  • Many thanks @GrayMotion. Actually that's what I tried but I didn't open the Assets folder and thought I had only got the composite shot, which didn't really make sense anyway.

    I don't know why but  I have a problem with folders in the media panel, I think folders are open when they aren't.


  • Gray has it covered. Saving out the model as a comp shot or project to re-import to other projects should pretty much be seamless. If you're checking the Assets folder now, you'll see everything. 

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