Lighting a 3D layer with effects applied

Any help appreciated.... I've got some 3D video layers, a camera and light. That all works fine, but if I put an  effect onto one of the video layers - e.g. "Threshold" effect, then that layer seems no longer to be affected by the lighting setup. 


  • Sorry! - Problem's the "Illuminated" checkbox under the "Material" settings. I jumped the gun again...

  • @AndyQ ; I can't be certain but that sounds an awful lot like an order of operations issue.  You might try moving the placement of the light in stack (if you are talking composite shot here) to see if you get a different result.  And I coujd be totally off base here too.

  • @AndyQ it seems to depend on the effect. I created a 3D Plane, lit it, added a Fractal Noise. All was well. I added a Threshold and it seemed like the light wasn't reading. Then I changed the Light's color to green and the white parts of the Threshold turned green. It's SEEING the light, but certain effects (like Threshold) seem to override the Illumination. probably because Threshold is specifically designed to force a two-color image.

    So... Right click on your layer and convert it to a Composite Shot. This will "Bake in" the effects so that the "Raw State" of the embedded comp has the effects (Threshold) applied. From there the lights will work as expected.


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