I need help with transparency

Ok so I have been making some short animations with keyframes and I want it to be transparent but it has a black background. Every time I watch a youtube video trying to get help the background already has a pre-applied alpha channel to it in the video. How can I get this or do I have to pay for it?


  • @XypherKid23 ; I think what you need to do is go tot he OPTIONS at the bottom right of the Viewer window and click it then go down to where is says Black Background and right below that is Checkerboard Background click on that to get a Green check mark beside it.    Also, you test to make sure the black background you are seeing before is really transparent by placing some random image below your animation and if you can see it in the balck areas it's transparent on export if you use an export setting like PNG sequence, EXR sequence on Cineform or Uncompressed AVI (not recommended due to gigantic file sizes.)  Hope this helps.


    Now, if your black really is black you need to key that out to make it transparent with Demult or luminance keys (this can affect you image quality though)

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