"Turning Tiles" Effect?

Ello! :D

I've been interested in replicating a fade where the video/picture on top separates into tiny squares, and each turn 90°(ish) and disappear in an orderly fashion (See Mario Maker 2 as an example)

I tried to use a shatter map with squares and minimum force/gravity. It looked cool, but it's not the right effect. :|

Thought of possibly making one turning square, copying and aligning it for the whole shot, changing the timing for each one and using that as a mattee, but that sounds like a pain in the rear and I don't think it'd work anyway. 

I'm assuming I'm missing something obvious, so: what would be the best way to accomplish this?

Thank you in advance! :D


  • You example was probably using some transition plug-in that does that effect in whatever editor they were using. Beyond having a ready made effect you really do have to setup timed masks. AFAIK.

    Here is a pack of pre-made masks and shadows to do transitions of this type. They do not have a tutorial for Hitfilm specifically but it will work fine in Hitfilm. There is a free pack of a couple of items you can try to figure things out.


  • Not exactly the same, but you could modify it.


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     @NormanPCN Ooo! 
    I'll look into it, thank you!

    Yeah, I tried something similar to that, but I just didn't have enough control. Wanted the tiles to spin in place then disappear, but I couldn't make em.... stop.... spinning. 
    Still, thank you! :)

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