PNGs lose transparency in HF13

There are some threads on PNG transparency but I couldn't find one that matched my problem. I wanted to import a comp from a project I made with an earlier HF Express (maybe 2017). The shot contained a series of masks (created in Affinity Photo) from an image, distributed in 3D space to create a 3D effect. The imported comp didn't work - the background of each layer was not transparent any more. I then opened the original project in HF Pro 13 and it's the same - the shot that worked fine in the earlier version doesn't work any more. I also tried to create the shot from scratch using the original image files but I can't get the HF to recognise the transparency. Has something changed in 13? I found a workaround by adding a Layer effect to each image and put alpha to 0, but that is messy and very slow to work with. Affinity Photo still shows the PNGs correctly.


  • I solved it by re-exporting from Affinity Photo, which didn't completely solve the problem, so I opened the new exports in IrfanView then re-saved them and redefined the transparency. Then it worked again in HF.

    I still don't understand what happened since November last year when I originally created the images. Fortunately I think this is the only one of these I created.

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