Hitfilm macOS Catalina Support

I'm being prompted with many of my apps to update to Catalina but I'm waiting until the official release this fall.

Staff question: What is the status of Hitfilm functionality on 10.15 OS?

Sry...at the moment I  can't re-call any Devs or staff here.

Edit: It appears the biggest thing to the upgrade is that 32-bit applications will not be supported. I can see some of the apps I have , Like Google Earth Pro, Inkscape, Black Magic (BMDPanelFirmware), Boris Continuum OFX HitFilm 11.0/Uninstall Continuum OFX 11 Hit Film Pro.app and a handful more of popular app are 32-bit.

If I have Pro 13 I do not need the Continuum OFX 11....correct?


  • @GrayMotion

    We haven't looked into Catalina yet; we are literally installing the pre-release today.

    HitFilm for Mac is, and always, has been fully 64bit. I just checked the Boris BCC plugin bundle and it is also 64bit.

    However, as you point out, their uninstaller is 32bit. Thanks for letting us know; we will forward this to Boris.

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