Why can't I make composite shots?

I made a video of some parts and use composite shots in some, but after a few times I tried to do composite shots and it didn't work .. I did a right key and it just didn't show the possibility of composite shots I'm at a loss .. I don't know why this is happening. ..


  • Can you please clarify the specific process you are using to try to make a composite shot, and what specifically goes wrong?

    Are you using the New menu in the Media panel? Are you right-clicking an asset in the media panel? Are you right-clicking an asset on the Editor timeline? Are you not seeing the Make Composite Shot... option in the menu, or are you unable to select it?

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    I want to put text on the video so i click the right key an asset on the Editor timeline and i am not seeing the Make Composite Shot option in the menu... It doesn't show me the option of "Make Composite Shot" it doesn't show up...

  • What happens when you press the CTRL+M shortcut? What format is the object you are trying to convert?

    Can you post a screenshot that shows the details, and the problem you are having?

  • i I tried to press the  CTRL+M.. and it did nothing...


  •  I can't send the screenshot here .. Can I email you? 

  • I tried to press the CTRL+M but it just didn't do anything

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    @oriya11 Have you potentially already turned that particular asset into a composite shot? As this process replaces the original asset in the editor with the new composite shot. Although this would only grey out the option, not hide it entirely, as Axel asked above, it would be useful if you could possibly provide a screenshot, which you can send to us like so.

    Alternatively, more details or the project in the question would be helpful so we can assist further, thanks

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